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Epiq Bins



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"Introducing the Limited Edition Mystery Boxes, a unique collection of items sourced from Target and Amazon. These boxes are a great value and are sure to provide a fun and exciting experience with every opening. The contents of each box are brand new and sourced from Target and/or Amazon Overstock boxes. The boxes may contain a variety of items, including kitchen essentials, toys, premium clothing, shoes, jackets, makeup, home decor, baby products, electronics and much more. Each box is randomly chosen at the time of purchase.

Item Conditions: We guarantee that all items included in the box are brand new and/Open box, and although some packaging may show signs of distress or tear, the contents are unaffected. These mystery boxes are ideal for gifts, reselling opportunities, or bulk purchases. Box contents may range from 2 to over 15-20 items, with some boxes containing items of a value up to $100-$500 or more. The items included are either randomly selected or chosen based on specific criteria.

Shipping: The Limited Edition boxes have a flat shipping rate of $18.99, unless otherwise stated. Due to the size and weight of the boxes, the shipping cost is calculated based on the address and zip code provided.

"Final Sale Policy: All sales on our platform are final and we do not accept returns.

Pricing: Our prices are determined based on the retail value of the items, taking into consideration market prices, such as those from Target.

Item Conditions: All items offered on our platform are either brand new or open box. While some items may exhibit cosmetic damage on the exterior, this does not impact the functionality or performance of the product itself."

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